Post Pregnancy Skincare

Morning sickness, weight gain, water retention, melasma, swollen boobs, cracked nipples…Pregnancy and beyond is flipping glamorous huh. So it’s no surprise it takes a little while to feel yourself again after having a baby. Your body has created a human and is now feeding, changing, and missing out on a whole load of sleep looking after the little darling. Fear not – life will return to some kind of new normal soon enough.

George is now almost 4 months old **insert standard how has it been 3 months already comment here** but seriously, 4 months?! I’m slowly getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and my hormonal skin is settling down. Here are my post pregnancy skincare faves which are helping me feel myself again and allowing my poor skin the nurturing it needs.



Oskia – Perfect Cleanser


This is uh-mazing. Like, I can’t wait to use it each evening, amazing. It is pure luxury and has helped my skin calm and be soothed. It melts onto my skin and the muslin removal method gives my skin a good exfoliation too. I cannot wait to try the rest of the Oskia range.

Clarins – Extra Firming Body Cream


Let’s be honest, losing the baby weight is only half the battle, toning the skin up is the next step to getting back that pre-baby body and considering I am yet to do any exercise this cream is the next best thing! I particularly like that it doesn’t sit on the skin or need much to work it into the skin. I us it on my tummy to help regain some tightness.

Mama Mio – Boob Tube


Despite it’s unusual fragrance due to the natural ingredients, this nourishing cream works wonders on my poor boobs who are now going through round 2 of breastfeeding – will they ever be the same again?! This lovely cream helps return some pre baby bounce to those boobs!

Maybelline – The Eraser Eye concealer


Ok, so these last 3 products aren’t strictly skincare but boy do I need them! This brightening under eye concealer is doing wonders for my under eye bags – which are large enough to pack for a fortnight’s holiday thanks to 2 hourly night time wake ups for the last 4 months,

Baptiste – dry shampoo


I’m lucky if I get to have a shower at all some days with 2 young boys on totally different schedules, let alone wash my hair. This is perfect for day 2, or 3 of my hair wash cycle and gives my hair a freshen up when I’ve not had time to wash it and extra texture when I want to war it up. Oh, and don’t even bother with most other brands – they are just no where near as good as Batiste from my experience.

Dove – roll on deodorant.


Having spent 13 months breastfeeding Henry with my normal spray deodorant before realising how many chemicals must be being sprayed into my under arm/side boob area I knew I wanted to make sure I didn’t do the same again this time. This Dove roll deodorant on gives good protection although as with the spray version I still find myself with those annoying white marks on my clothes once I’m dressed!


I’d love to hear any post pregnancy skincare recommendations you have!



  1. March 1, 2019 / 7:14 am

    Great article! A woman’s skin goes through numerous changes after having a child so there have a need of such skincare routine to make them looking beautiful and feel confident. I like this article so much. Thanks for sharing.

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