Pregnancy, maternity essentials and 14 week update.

So now that I am pregnant again and can finally bare to do something other than go to bed immediately after work I have been looking once again at pregnancy/baby blogs on the internet. It’s been great catching up with some blogs I read whilst I was pregnant with Henry and of course finding loads of new pregnancy blogs which are out there.

Somehow I am already 14 weeks pregnant. In some ways this feels like it’s gone really fast, but then when I think of the endless days and nights of being sick I remember that actually it’s really ruddy dragged.

As you can see (apologies for the appalling photo), I am showing quite a bit already, and have been for a couple of weeks. The maternity wear shopping has well and truly begun and the regular clothes packed away to charity. As you know I love to shop and being pregnant certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying clothes! I wrote about my Top 10 Maternity Essentials here and they certainly haven’t changed over the past couple of years, but of course there’s still so much room to add to them! I will do a vlog soon to show you all the lovely clothes I’ve been buying so keep an eye on my YouTube Channel!

I’ve been feeling little bubba moving quite a lot, think this is called Quickening?! Basically it is like little flutters, but it’s lovely to feel and reassuring as I am still pretty anxious about the baby’s health. Only 2 weeks and we will hear the baby’s heartbeat, jeez that seems really close!

Luckily (for Stu) my mood swings mentioned in my last blog came and went within a week and “touch wood” haven’t returned, so l am hoping it will stay that way.

Dreams are crazy, it’s like a different film playing out each night! I won’t bore you with the detail because NO-ONE wants to hear the details of peoples’ dreams…take note if you’re one of those people who enjoy recalling them, literally no-one.

As for cravings, I think my main one would have to be fresh bread and butter; seeded, farmhouse, wholemeal, white, cranberry and orange, sunflower and maple…basically any bread going, I want it sliced up, thickly buttered and in my mouth. Obviously I’m going to be putting 4 stone again this pregnancy…

My boobs have been really sore the past couple of weeks and I am looking to buy some beautiful, comfortable bras soon to wear throughout the pregnancy and into nursing. I spent my last pregnancy in Mothercare bras and although there is nothing wrong with them per se, I need something a little less “over the shoulder boulder holder” looking, and something a little more feminine and Goddamit I think I deserve it!

Finally my skin. As you know, I suffer from horrible skin and constantly have cystic acne breakouts. Throw pregnant, hormonal skin into the mix and I have really been struggling. I’ll write a separate post on my current skincare faves and regime but if you are also finding your skin is really bad during pregnancy, or at any time, it would be great to hear what you’d recommend.

Well, that’s it! I wanted to update you with the pregnancy so far as it felt like I was away for so long, praying to the porcelain God or sleeping. Catch up soon xx

My latest video can be found here x


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