Preparing for baby number 2.

Yay, I am now 37 weeks pregnant – so full term! I have now finished work and am fully intending to start preparing for baby number 2, just as soon as I have had 1 more play date with Henry’s buddies or lunch with friends…

Fun in the Sun

For us, preparing for baby number 2 is world’s apart from the first time around. It’s a weird thing because we already have all the essentials from Henry still and each time I think crap, I really need to get organised, I’m not entirely sure what we actually need to do! Sure, there’s the hospital bag for me and for the baby, and I really will get on and do that soon, but the reality is that nappies, a bed, some clothes & for all to go well with breast feeding we are pretty set for the first couple of days, everything else, if not prepared, is just a trip to the shops away if needed last

36 weeks

Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of things we will be getting for them and especially once we know the sex. I just mean the lists and lists of baby paraphernalia, most of which are non essentials, doesn’t seem to exist this time round, or maybe we’re just more relaxed about it all. I will do a further post & video on the hospital bag and my baby bag once they are all packed and ready to go for anyone who needs a list to work from. I do love a good list!

37 Weeks pregnant

Last week we went for a scan to check the presentation, you may have seen from my last vlog (click here to watch) my midwife wasn’t sure if the baby was breech, so Stuart and I went along to have a look at our little baby on the screen again and it was lovely. I am utterly useless at recognising what is on the screen at any time (think Rachel from Friends) – to the point that it takes a good 2-3 minutes of explaining to me what’s what when they are looking directly at us! Once facial features were understood I was cooing away watching the baby opening and closing their mouth swallowing! So cute. The sonographer told us they were already weighing 7lb 5oz – so we are looking at 9lb+ if we go to 40w – Henry was 9 days over so I’m really hoping to not have a repeat of that!

Baby J at 37 weeks

New baby, new hair…

Short hair don't care


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  1. April 26, 2015 / 2:27 pm

    Ooh not long to go now! It is different second time around isn’t it – less pressure to get things ready as you already have so much from your first baby. Glad all went well with your scan 🙂

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