Random Acts Of Kindness

– a life without kindness isn’t a very nice world at all –

In our household, our number one rule is to be kind. It’s important for our children to grow up knowing that we must be kind to one another and to treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves. Kindness costs nothing and it can be the making of somebody’s day.

random acts of kindness ideas to be kind to random strangers, family and friends

random acts of kindness ideas to be kind to random strangers, family and friends

It was when I was traveling for the first time, at the tender age of 22, that I really recognised so many random acts of kindness from total strangers. People would offer help if I needed it (with my backpack twice the size of me!) or a lift to drop me to the next hostel from the airport as I touched down in another new country. Some even inviting me to their homes for a delicious, home cooked meal with their families. Of course such decisions did require a faith in human kind, not all people are to be trusted, but I was just so amazed that random strangers could be so kind; I still keep in touch with some of those then strangers now and consider them to be family friends, whom I have been lucky enough to be able to take my own family along to visit latterly.

random acts of kindness ideas to be kind to random strangers, family and friends

Of course acts of kindness needn’t be extravagant, simply holding the door open or letting a car out of the junction in front of you is kind. I have just filmed a video talking through some ideas for some random acts of kindness that you could do to strangers, family and friends and I thought I would list some over on the blog too, for anyone else looking to be a little bit kinder and have a positive impact on somebody’s day.

  • Tweet somebody or leave a nice comment on somebody’s Instagram picture – in this digital age it’s easy to compare ourselves to others, you don’t know how much of a positive impact 120 characters could have on someone’s day.
  • Bring a coffee in to your desk buddy to start their day off right.
  • Take extra carrier bags shopping with you and offer them to someone who has forgotten theirs (this is always me!)
  • Pick up any rubbish you might see whilst walking somewhere.
  • Call your Grandparents, if you’re lucky enough to have them!
  • Donate some food to a local food bank
  • Clear out your airing cupboard and give those old towels to the animal shelter.
  • Buy a Lottery ticket and give it to a stranger.
  • BE KIND TO YOURSELF!! Don’t put yourself down, don’t compare yourself to others, enjoy the little things.

There are loads more ideas here  xx

What have you done today that was kind? I’d love to hear, leave me a comment below 🙂

 ideas to spread some kindness today

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