Returning to work; Sending a child to nursery.

People ask me ALL THE TIME how I feel about sending my child to nursery, how it is returning to work and if it has been a difficult transition. So I thought I would put together a few words in case anyone else is thinking of putting their child into nursery or thinking of returning to work.

Obviously, after 14 months maternity leave and spending the last couple of months travelling with little Henry overseas, sending him to start nursery was bound to be difficult. Sending him off into the big wide world, knowing someone else would be getting all the cuddles, fun and laughter from him was sad. But the truth is, frankly, he needs nursery; and sometimes so do I. He needs to be with other children, learning essential life & communication skills, to gain the confidence being without us and being with other adults brings. He is such a busy little baby and always into things and in need of constant entertainment. He has never, and I’m pretty sure will never, be one who is content staying at home all day playing. He’s never watched a single thing on the TV (aside from a few kicks of football), and if he’s in the house for more than a few hours he starts to get cranky.

When I first returned to work I questioned whether it was the right thing to be doing. Going back into a new job was very difficult to get my head around and I really hated the thought of leaving him and spending an absolute fortune for the displeasure of it! Stuart immediately told me if it wasn’t right and I didn’t want to do it then we would take him out and I would go back to being a SAHM. But I gave it a couple of weeks and now I know I am positive I couldn’t take him out. Henry has such a fantastic time at nursery, and learns new things each day. He has an excellent key carer and he absolutely loves it. We have been so lucky that he’s never had a bad drop off and he greets his carer with open arms for a cuddle every morning. He is in a beautiful stone Grade II listed building, served food I’d never think/have the time to serve up surrounded by lovely grounds in which to walk around and gardens to play in with all of his little buddies. It’s so nice to hear from all the carers how much fun they have with him and how they love having him there and about all the cute things he’s done to them. I love watching his confidence grow and seeing all his new tricks each day.

If you are worried about sending your child to nursery, or returning to work I hope you can give it time too and that your child settles in well. Just remember if they do cry at drop off, within about a minute they will have forgotten and will be having a wail of a time with their new chums getting up to all sorts of mischief and playing with all the messy activities laid before them.

My little Prince.


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