School Run Survival Guide With Aviva

This post is written in partnership with Aviva, all experiences are my own.

We’re over a year into school now, I am a certified school Mum! Four seasons and over 1,000 school runs have been clocked up!! Wind, rain, snow, sleet, sunshine, more rain…We’ve even sledged to school! The ‘school run’ becomes a kind of magnet to bad weather and irony and what I’ve learnt over the past year is the phenomenon that if it is going to rain that day there is a 95% chance of such precipitation happening during that 1 hour of the day where you’re walking to or from school!!

Doing the School Run with children for the Survival Guide With AvivaDoing the School Run in the snow with children for the Survival Guide With Aviva

We live around 15 minutes from school which is a lovely walk. Sometimes we stroll, sometimes we run (me, frantically. Kids, calmly in pushchair, oblivious!) Sometimes we scoot (Often I regret it after approximately 30 ft when George refuses to go any further and I have to carry him and the blasted scooter) Sometimes we play games, sometimes we chat through the wildlife we can see; the types of flowers and birds and trees. And every day I vow to do more exercise as I struggle my way up the steep hill on the way back, pushing the child laden pram.

blowing a dandelion clock on the school runwalking on the school run

And then on some occasions when the rain is so heavy, we are running late, or the children just “” walk, I will take the car. The journey itself is much quicker, but it is very busy, with hundreds of parents all doing the same thing, most in a rush and it can be quite a stress. The parking, as ever, is a ludicrous affair and it can often be quite precarious with congestion everywhere. Even the best driver can had an incident when it’s this busy and cars are pulling out everywhere and the basic road safety rules barely being applied.

Doing the School Run with children for the Survival Guide With AvivaDoing the School Run with children for the Survival Guide With AvivaDoing the School Run with children for the Survival Guide With Aviva

Recently we discovered the Aviva Drive App which has an integrated dash cam (thankfully, as I never have managed to work out the confusing, complex one I bought on eBay a couple of year ago that’s since taken up residence in my glove box!) It monitors my driving, (and importantly other’s around me!) and can actually save money me on my car insurance by documenting me being a safe driver.

The most important part of the Aviva drive app for me is the integrated dash cam, I simply pop it in my phone mount and click go before I set off and it records everything in front of the windscreen which gives me complete peace of mind should anyone bump into me. It automatically saves it too just in case I forget to hit record!

Avivia Drive app to record the screenAvivia Drive app dash cam to record the screen

The Aviva drive app is free and is available to download from the Play Store or App Store and takes less than a minute to set up. It then monitors your driving skills over 200 miles (acceleration, cornering and braking), to achieve a score out of 10 and you can save over £170 on average off of your car insurance price if you get a good score. It’s a no brainer to me and I feel so much more confident taking the car on the school run – perfect timing too now that we’re coming into the colder months!

How have you been finding the school run if you’re a first timer this year??

Doing the School Run with children for the Survival Guide With Aviva



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