Siblings born on the same day

When I was due to have our second child I spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy on Google, searching for articles like “siblings born same day” or “babies who share a Birthday” frantically trying to find someone who had been in the same position as me; That, quite remarkably, my due dates were just 2 days apart. Clearly the date 9 months prior to that was some kind of a significant day!?


As time went on I got more and more concerned that my babies would have to share a Birthday – nothing worse in the Birthday stakes I thought! (Well, maybe apart from having to share mine 😉 ) I tried everything to induce labour, wanting there to be a couple of weeks or so between them. Then Henry’s Birthday drew closer, and I found myself doing more to try and stop the imminent arrival; no more hot curries or long walks for us, hoping that at least our new baby would be born some time after Henry’s Birthday.


Henry was born 9 days late, after a very long labour (I wrote about my labour, having also done a lot of Googling about that too!) George followed suit, arriving 7 days late. Which unbelievably meant that despite that 2 day gap in due dates they both arrived on the 15th May and they share a Birthday, 2 years apart.


So, for Henry’s 2nd Birthday he got a pretty unusual gift, a sibling. A brother. A friend for life. Baby George arrived after another very lengthy labour; he obviously knew how special that day was to arrive. Luckily we were only at the hospital a few hours so we were able to bring ne baby George home to meet his big Brother on his Birthday, and then have a celebration for him the next day.


A year on, and with the boys’ 1st and 3rd joint Birthday just a few days away it’s the perfect time to reflect on this most wonderful coincidence. I spent months worrying about them having to share a Birthday, and it took for it to happen to make me realise how amazing it is. With the age gap only being 2 years and them both being boys, the hope is that they will always love sharing this special day and have similar interests for all those joint parties! I’m pretty sure Henners has no idea that this is a particularly rare situation, and I expect he may spend many years thinking all siblings share a Birthday!


I couldn’t be happier that our boys share a Birthday so if you’re in the same boat then don’t panic, it’s really kinda cool. I’d love to know if anyone reading also shares a birthday with their sibling, or has children who were born on the same day. What do you think about it?!



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