Styling Spring Fashion Pieces

Is it here…isn’t it here?! This weather is about as confusing as that new eyebrow trend. I’ve lost track of how many times my husband has said “I’ve worn shorts in March before”. To be fair, it’s probably the same amount of times I’ve said “my friend’s little girl was born at the end of March and she was bought home in the snow!” It’s true, there’s nothing us Brits like more than weather chat.

With the bout of freezing cold snow we’ve had recently I’m reaching for my favourite spring knitwear pieces more than I thought I would be in mid-March. I’m definitely not quite ready to bare my legs (I mean, they would probably blind people at the moment with the state of that tan, or lack of it I should say) but I have been getting very excited about all the new Spring clothing in the shops at the moment!

You may have seen my latest “Come Shop With Me” video over on my YouTube channel, where I took you shopping in Primark and got just a little bit giddy about all the new Spring bits they have in there! I am so ready to ditch the chunky knits and tights and move on to some Spring fashion pieces and I’m just sat here patiently waiting for the sun to make an appearance!

I really love sharing my fashion look books over on my YouTube channel, and I think Spring is a great time to do this – funnily enough every time I go to film one it starts snowing or raining and I have to abandon my plans, but if you would like to see something like that then please do let me know! I’m looking forward to showing you more of my go to Spring fashion over the next few weeks.


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