Sunday Bakes.


It was another wet and windy Sunday in Hampshire, so what better excuse to pig out on brownies whilst dancing around the kitchen with my boys!

I thought I’d share the recipe as they are really easy and perfect if, like me, your mantra is that the diet starts Monday!


Break up 350g of 70% cocoa dark and milk high quality cooking chocolate .


and add to a pack (250g) of chopped up unsalted butter and heat in a bowl above simmering water until melted and smooth. (I always think this is a faff and easier to do in the microwave, but it’s actually really simple and can be melting away while you’re doing the next steps…)


Mix 400g of sugar in a bowl (did I mention these aren’t for anyone on a diet?!) with 5 large whisked eggs then sift in 200g of plain flour.

IMG_0349 IMG_0351

Add the smooth silky chocolate mix to the flour, eggs and flour with a dash of vanilla extract (not the synthetic, imitation essence you can get) and stir all together


Pour half the mixture in a 30cm long rectangular tin or 20cm square tin and sprinkle over 200g of dark and white chocolate chips, some (as many as you like) chopped up walnuts, hazelnuts or in my case almonds as that was all I had in the cupboard.  They are also nice with any dried fruit you wish to add. (cranberries, apricots)

Finally, pour the rest of the mixture on top and then put in a low oven (180C) for around 40 mins until the surface springs back when you touch it.

Once cooled cut into 16 pieces and enjoy with a cup of coffee and a sit down!



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