Supporting Your Child’s Reading During The Holidays

Henry has now finished his first year of school and is heading into Year one in September – how has it come around so quickly! I can’t believe he started school a whole year ago. Henry has struggled a little within his first year when it comes to his concentration – something most boy mama’s would understand, I’m sure! But it’s meant that I’ve really had to work on making subjects fun for him and more learning whilst we’re out and about. So when it comes to maths, counting the fruit as we put it in the basket or talking through the countries of the world and the animals that live in each place when we’re looking at a globe etc. Just to try and mix it up for him and keep his mind from wandering.

helping your child to read this summer with Oxford Press

When it comes to reading though I find that he must be in a quiet environment to be able to concentrate properly. During the school holidays I’ve been finding ways to encourage his reading in a fun and enjoyable way so that he doesn’t notice he’s reading! A couple of weeks ago I was sent an exciting package from Oxford Press which included some amazing items which were perfect for Henry’s level of learning. I completed a quick and easy quiz first, to determine the level he was at to ensure things were pitched at the right ability and were nice and varied to ensure it kept his attention.

helping your child to read this summer with Oxford Press

Henry’s absolute favourite from the set of Stage 1-2 items we were using would have to be the Story Games card game, which are based on traditional tales and are designed to develop creative writing skills as well as reading the words. It’s a great way to bring reading to life and it keeps his attention because he loves playing it as a game.

helping your child to read this summer with Oxford Presshelping your child to read this summer with Oxford Press

Other favourites are the kit’s that contain stickers (there’s just something about stickers and kids!!) activities, stories and reward charts which I’ve found are really good for traveling with, especially for car journeys to keep them busy whilst learning on the go.

helping your child to read this summer with Oxford Press

There are loads of printable activity sheets on the Oxford website, as well as online activities, which are all really fun too. As well as loads of tips for how to support your child’s reading and methods of how they are taught at school which is especially interesting and useful! I love that George also wants to get involved and read his big brother’s books and be “a big boy” too. It means Henry can read us a story at night time and George wants to listen along and pretend to know the words too – so cute!

helping your child to read this summer with Oxford Press

If you’re looking to support your child’s reading before they start school or while they’re on this summer break I would definitely recommend checking out the Oxford Press range. Thanks to them for sponsoring this post and sending us some books to get us started, all opinions are my own.


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  1. August 16, 2018 / 1:48 pm

    Thank you for the useful tips 🙂 We are just getting ready for a flight with our toddlers so will definitely try the kit with stickers, thanks you for the tip ;). I am always amazed how challenging parenting is. We constantly discover new and new layers we had no idea even existed while we know that our children’s future depends on what we teach them now to a huge extend . x

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