Sydney With Kids: A Mini Guide for your Next Holiday

I’ve been lucky enough to have visited Australia a couple of times and I think of it as one of the most beautiful countries to have fun with as a family. It has long sandy beaches, filled with vibrantly red coloured rocks. Each city seems to be offering something different from a diverse culture of Melbourne to Darwin as a tropical city and enormous crocs. Visiting Sydney with kids is definitely on my bucket list now I have a family.

Sydney is one of those cities that has it all: charming streets and gorgeous beaches freckled along the coast and nestled in the bustling urban center, rural farms, lush rainforest, the world’s most famous reef, attractions galore, and family-friendly accommodation… You name it! The untamed landscapes offer the most breathtaking natural views; therefore, it is truly a great destination for families.

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Travel Advice for Families

Flights and Transport

The majority of tourists from the UK usually take the long flight to Australia landing at Sydney Airport. The airport and city itself is fully equipped and allows you to find all of the services you will be needing, like for example car rental services. Also, in the city there is a range of buses, taxis, and limousines etc. Another tip is to spend a little more if you’re planning to go as family: the plane ride is long and if children get fussy and bored, you want to make sure you have enough room to at least be comfortable. But, keep in mind that Australian distances are huge, so if you plan on moving around during your stay, or taking a road trip you should consider renting a car, that will save you time and money.

Rules and Regulations to Keep in Mind

Australia in general is a country that is pretty safe which is one of the main attractions for us a family, as long as you abide by the rules and regulations as a visitor. First and foremost, you need to take care of the paperwork. Australia requires all tourists to have a visa to enter the country. The process for the Australia E-visitor visa is very easy and can be done entirely online, on websites like that guide you through every step.

Some activities such as swimming are restricted in certain areas which are occupied by crocodiles (or sharks!) so be mindful of the signs and the flags on beach. Other dangerous areas that one should not attempt to go alone are snake sites. Also be careful of bushfires, so when travelling the radio on or check regularly the local news channels. I was so saddened to watch the damage and destruction caused by the recent bushfires so I hope Australia can recover from this quickly.

And of course, while visiting the country, you should be careful of the sun and avoiding getting a sunburn as it doesn’t have the same o zone as us in the UK. When it is hot, you should protect yourself with sunglasses, hats and garments to stay cool and not risk getting a heat stroke.

Sydney with kids and a surfer on the beach at sunset

Sydney with kids; Places to go and things to do with children in Sydney

Sydney Opera house

This is probably one of the city’s biggest attractions and one of the best areas to visit with the kids. It has several performances and entertaining programs just for children. Babies proms are highly recommended for kids of around 2 to 5 years of age. Even just walking around the nearby gardens is a lovely, free activity for families to enjoy.


You can’t visit Australia and not go to one of Sydney’s many beautiful beaches to enjoy the crystal-clear waters, the gold sand the marvelous cool breeze coming from the waters. There are so many beaches, some of which include Shark Beach located at Nielsen Park, a great place for little swimmers and Bondi beach, which is also beautiful, if you’re planning on driving up the East Coast with kids you’ll come across so many free beaches to enjoy.

Zoos and Whale Watching  

Australia’s wildlife is possibly one of the biggest tourist attractions both for domestic and international tourists. There are different zoos such Sydney Zoo, Taronga Zoo, WILD LIFE Zoo, Koala Park Sanctuary Sydney and others as well. Each has different species of animals and plants that are rare to be found in some areas. Also, an activity to consider is whale watching. It is quite spectacular to watch whales in their natural habitat migrating and passing through the coastline in ever-growing numbers.

Royal Botanical Garden

Royal botanical garden offers a wide range of unique and beautiful plants for anyone visiting Sydney with kids, guaranteed to make you all have a great time exploring the grounds. Cultivation of plants is mostly done in the area and Australia’s nature is one of the lushest & diverse on the planet.

Another place worth visiting, especially if you have older children, is the Rocks Discovery Museum or the Blue Mountains nearby.

Have you taken your children to Australia to have fun? Did you enjoy it and had a good time with your family? I’d absolutely love to take my kids back there one day, hopefully soon!

Sydney Opera House with kids

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