The accidental health kick.

So I’ve called this post the accidental health kick as I really wasn’t focusing on losing weight or dieting 7 weeks after having a baby, instead I wanted to get as much healthy goodness inside of me to give baby George the best start through my breast milk. But it turns out the more I’m learning about healthy eats the more I’m loving all the amazing benefits and tastes and turns out it’s doing pretty well and shifting the baby weight! (I eventually stopped weighing myself at my midwife appointments as it was just too depressing but I know it was north of 3 stone at the last check!)

I have only been eating healthily for the last week or so (the first 5 weeks were pretty much chocolate and pizza)…so obviously it’s really early days! But I thought I’d include it in my blog to give anyone looking for some inspiration. I don’t want to call it a diet because it’s not that, it’s more that I’m being a bit more conscious about what I’m putting in my body and enjoying the health benefits.


I’ve always enjoyed the taste of healthy food and I am by no way giving up my treats at the weekend (it’s a lonnnng week with a toddler and a newborn!!) but there are so many great books out at the moment from ladies such as the Hemsley sisters and Madeleine Shaw which are inspiring so many people, myself included, so hopefully all this will help me in my quest for a health kick and in turn get me slightly more summer ready or at least out of maternity clothes!!

I’d love to hear any recipes or ideas you have if you’re also eating healthily!


A devine lunch at Caracoli, Alresford.

Check out my first grocery haul video inspired by Get The Glow on YouTube now!

Healthy eating



    • Lara
      September 15, 2015 / 8:24 pm

      Thank you, it’s so tasty! I love almond milk, but I only like the unsweetened one – it’s so thick too it makes smoothies so creamy. Great for porridge too – give it a try! x

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