Things To do This Winter Holiday When You Don’t Ski.

Finding activities to do on a winter holiday when you don’t ski can be tricky. But, actually, there are plenty of things to do on a winter holiday that don’t involve any skiing or snowboarding and are fantastic to do as a family. Experiencing the thrill of sledging with huskies or gazing, spellbound at the Northern Lights will create lifelong memories and they are sure to bring you closer as a family.

Now that our children are over both 4 years old, I feel like we have opened up so many new experiences that we haven’t been able to do together before now. Of course, you can take holidays in the snow with young children, but there will be quite a few activities that they wouldn’t be able to partake in, and knowing that they could cope with the cold a lot better feels a lot less intimidating. I love the idea of taking other members of the family on a winter holiday with us too as a multi-generational trip to enjoy these fantastic experiences together.

If you are looking to take your family on a winter holiday this year but you don’t ski, then have a look at these ideas for amazing, fun things to do during your trip.

family winter activity holidays

Things To do This Winter Holiday 

Lapland Family Holidays

Without doubt, a family trip to Lapland is one of my absolute bucket list experiences that I want to do with my children before the magic of Father Christmas wears thin. Of course, that’s not to say that a family trip to Lapland isn’t magical with older children, but the enchantment of meeting Santa and seeing the delight sparkling in their eyes will be a cherished moment for us to remember forever.

A trip to Lapland is sure to leave anyone spell-bound though, and not just because of Father Christmas, in fact there is so much more to a Lapland visit than just meeting the big guy. Explore a charming flurry filled forest by foot as you crunch through the snow towards a cute log cabin, or enjoy an exhilarating husky ride as the freezing air surrounds you.

father christmas bokeh in Lapland

Experience The Northern Lights

This has been on my “must do” list for so long, I cannot believe we are still yet to witness it. The natural phenomena of the Northern Lights are utterly breath taking and a sight to behold. Green, blue and yellow dancing lights billow across the skies like a cosmic ballet show, swirling around to their own rhythm. Each night different to the last and an unforgettable experience to feast on. Ensure you visit in the Aurora Zone where you are most likely to successfully see the lights.

incredible northern Lights display in the sky

Go Snowmobling

It’s hard to imagine if you’re not from a snowy home, but snowmobiles are one of the main modes of winter transport for locals in Lapland, ensuring communities are connected in the deep winters. However, they are also a fun and enjoyable way of exploring your surroundings if you’re visiting and allow you to sight-see lots of places nearby. You may even spot Santa Claus popping by on one if you’re lucky!

snowmobiles on a winter holiday

Visit an Ice Hotel

It’s not just the iconic ICEHOTEL that you could include in your trip. But there are many unforgettable ice hotels and snow hotels that you can visit and even stay in during your winter holiday that offer a really unique experience for families. These beautifully crafted ice and snow sculptures are works of art, that are built fresh each winter and sleeping in one, or even just visiting one, is definitely an unforgettable experience.

Family Holidays In The Snow

Get To Know Local Animals

Whether you want to try your hand at ice fishing whilst enjoying the serenity of the scenery, or visit the incredible Ranua Wildlife Park to get close to native animals such as Polar Bears, Lynx or Wolves, there will be something exciting to explore as a family. These aren’t your every day creatures and a visit to Lapland offers the chance for families to glance into the natural habitat of these epic beasts.

Stay In A Cosy Cabin

If you don’t want to stay in a hotel you can always choose to relax in a charming cosy cabin. Light the fire and snuggle up under a blanket whilst reminiscing about all of the amazing things you experienced that day. Some have saunas inside them, and they offer the privacy and benefits of a home from home with amenities such as small kitchenettes with fridges.

winter holiday destination with log cabins in the snow

Not traveling with children? Visit an adults only Lapland experience!!

Do you think you will be taking a family winter activity holiday? I’d love to hear about where you’re thinking of going!

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