Tips For Reducing Screen Time & Getting Kids Outdoors This Spring

This is a collaborative post, all views are my own.

Finally, the dreary grey days are almost over, the bright yellow daffodils are popping out of the cold, hard ground and we can enjoy having fun and getting kids outdoors to play. My 2 son’s are so different when it comes to their interests, George is always wanting to be outside, he loves the rain and he doesn’t care if he gets cold. Henry, on the other hand, is a home bird, he loves playing inside with his toys and chilling out at home watching a movie. After a long week at school Henry loves nothing more than a day at home, and I can understand that after being busy all week, but it becomes quite difficult to get him to leave the house sometimes, so I’ve been thinking of ways to get kids outdoors but not have to force them, so I hope it helps anyone else who’s trying to get their own kids outdoors if maybe they’re having too much screen time or just wanting to play on their computer games.

Boy looking cheeky getting kids outdoors

How to get kids outdoors this spring.

Make the garden an extension to the home:

You may have seen last year we added a new space for outdoor play in our garden and the boys absolutely love playing out there. I’ve been looking into how we can make it an irresistible place for them to want to get outside to play now that they are older by getting them a wooden climbing frame and found Wickey to be incredibly high quality and well-priced. They do a huge range of climbing frames, swing sets, sand pits and much more, but the MultiFlyer caught my eye specifically as it comes with such a large amount of activities such as slide, climbing wall, 2 swings, and allows for children to let their imagination go wild. They also come with a 10-year guarantee and can be adapted to multiple configurations. Getting kids outdoors doesn’t need to be difficult if it’s just stepping outside the back door!

getting kids outdoors in a garden space

kids outdoors climbing frame garden toyGo puddle hunting

Even during the seemingly endless wet days we’ve had there’s still plenty of opportunities to get kids outdoors. Pop on some wellies or a puddle suite and go out hunting for puddles to jump in!

Go on a nature hunt

Write down 5-10 things such as a fur cone, an acorn, a feather etc for them to check off of their list as a nature treasure hunt and give stickers when they find each one.

Meet with friends!

Arrange to meet friends for a walk or bike ride and have fun with other kids outdoors – double the fun with more people!

kids outdoors family adventures on a bike ride in the woods

Have a picnic outside

Our boys love eating anywhere other than the dining table! So promise them a picnic outside and head out for a walk beforehand.

Take the long route.

If you’re heading out somewhere maybe park a bit further away from where you’re going to make it into a walk beforehand and get them some exercise that way.

Plant flowers or vegetables.

A great way to get kids outdoors is to plant seeds and plants, digging in the mud, carefully placing seeds where they want them and writing notes of what’s been planted where can be great fun for kids and also helps them understand how things grow. We even converted an old water toy into a vegetable patch last year which the boys loved doing!

kids outdoors toy area in garden

Set a Timer.

Give children a timer for screen time and tell them after 30 mins playing computer games it’s 2 hours outdoors or doing an indoor activity.

Dress up in their favourite costumes.

Heading out in their favourite costumes for a superhero mission might make them more likely to want to get outdoors and explore things in a new guise!

kids outdoors in bluebell woods

I hope these ideas help if you’re looking for ways to get kids outdoors, I’d love to hear any more ideas that work for you in the comments!


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