Tips For Finding A Healthy Work-Life Balance

This post is written in collaboration with Zenflore.

Finding a healthy work-life balance when you work for yourself can be really tricky. I’ve lost count of the amount of late nighters I’ve pulled after working intermittently around the children throughout the day. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of not having a very good work-life balance and poor personal health because of it and I for one can be very guilty of this. When you work for yourself you’re often very passionate about what you do, and therefore the lines can get very blurred between work and rest. Last year’s school holidays almost broke me, having absolutely no balance between work life and mum duties so it was within my 2019 goals to ensure I had a good balance for the sake of my health throughout this year.

I’ve spoken over on my YouTube channel about the importance of maintaining a good gut-health – It is thought that 90% of disease can be linked in some way back to the gut. Your gut is your 2nd brain after all. The human gut is a sensitive place and many factors can disturb this delicate balance, including antibiotics, stress and diet. Our gut controls so much of our body, so keeping it healthy can benefit your body in more ways that you imagine; It can help clear up spots, help lose weight, even help with stress, so don’t underestimate your gut!

take a probiotic to help maintain gut health and a healthy work-life balancetake a probiotic to help maintain gut health and a healthy work-life balance

I thought it might be useful to pull together some of the tips I’ve found myself using in my day to day life to help me in finding a healthy work-life balance and to share them with you over here on the blog, I hope you find them helpful!

Tips For Finding A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Make a list! (Nothing beats a good list!) Prioritise Tasks and rank in order of importance – ensure your list is achievable, perhaps with 5 key things you want to accomplish, otherwise you’ll end the day feeling deflated and will struggle to get into it the next day for fear of failing again.

Stay focused – Write distractions down on paper to come back to after you’ve finished your task. Look up the Pomodoro technique if you need help with this.

By law you have the right to request flexible working hours if you’re struggling to fit it all in – All employees have the legal right to request flexible working – not just parents and carers. Making small changes, such as applying for flexible working or avoiding work emails when you’re not in the office, can make a big difference.

Take a daily probiotic to support good gut health, a healthy mind and combat fatigue; Zenflore provides complete support for your mind and body during busy and demanding times. Our hectic lives can make us feel tired and stressed, and because of that our bodies can underperform and leave us frazzled. I’ve been feeling so much brighter and less stressed since taking a daily probiotic – the “good” bacteria in Zenflore is what is passed on from mother’s to their babies at birth and is totally naturally occuring. It also includes B6, B12, Biotin and Thiamin for good psychological function. You can buy yours here.

take a probiotic to help maintain gut health and a healthy work-life balancetake a probiotic to help maintain gut health and a healthy work-life balance

Create a designated working area (even if it’s a little desk under the stairs or in the corner of a room) – Make sure that when you leave “the office” it feels like you’re not still working. Say no if you need to, and set work hours to have clear boundaries.

Time Management! Richard Branson says that the key to maintaining a balance is to be flexible, delegate work and prioritise time for fun!

Visit a gym at lunchtime or get out for a walk – 75% of workers agreed that exercise is key to maintaining balance and feeling more focused.

One thing at a time! Be present, don’t try and do 5 tasks at once. Do the hardest thing first so you feel happy that you’ve accomplished that.

The first few hours of the day are the most productive so turn your phone onto aeroplane mode and knuckle down to get those tasks ticked off!

Take time to make positive affirmations – you can be productive! You will finish your to-do list!

Change your measure of success and you will have the foundations of a better work life balance, work out what success means to you and don’t judge your beginning with someone else’s middle.

take a probiotic to help maintain gut health and a healthy work-life balance

I hope these tips have helped, I’d love to know what you do to maintain a healthy work-life balance, share your tips in the comments!!




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