How To Save Money Fast – Tips To Save Money When You’re a Spendaholic!

When I started my no spend January, I didn’t think in a million years I would continue it on and already be halfway through 6 months of a no buy year! I am (was!) a spendaholic, shopaholic, whatever you want to call it. My spending habits were awful, and I was totally mindless about what I was buying and would never save money. Not that I would buy hugely extravagant things, but it was the every day things where I wasn’t being mindful, the trips to Primark (which always result in a £200 basket total), the “popping in for milk” and spending £57.84 on stuff we just don’t need or just grabbing a bite to eat while I’m out, totaling £100+ each week – these things all added up and at the end of each month there really wasn’t anything to show for it.

Since I have been doing my no buy year, I have been so impressed with myself and how I easy I have found it and how I have applied it to pretty much every area of my life. When I tell people I am doing a no buy year people seem to look pretty confused, and then they always ask how do I do it? Retelling me tales of things they buy that they just don’t need and how they wish they could do the same! I started a budgeting series on my YouTube channel in January and have since shared many videos all about how I have stopped my spending and how and where I save the most money. Once you start being mindful about spending not only does it get pretty addictive, but it also becomes very easy!

So, as I have made so many videos on the subject I thought it was about time I shared some simple tips over here on my blog to get you started if you are also trying to save money this year and cut down on your spending!

making calendar updates and organising to save money

Tips To Save Money When You’re a Spendaholic!

30 Day Rule

I set out with a rule that I would sit on purchases for 30 days before buying things and if I still wanted them after this time then I could get it – GUESS WHAT?? I’ve not bought any of it! This really helps with the impulse purchasing of things and really helps you be more mindful.


I have saved upwards of £40 per month by doing my own gel nails this whole year. I use this Sensationail set from Amazon and I save time also by being able to do them from the comfort of my own home!

doing your own manicure at home to save money

Have People Over

Why not host a drinks night at your house rather than going out? Everyone can bring a bottle and you can all have a catch up in the comfort of your own home!

Use Comparison Sites

We used to spend a fortune on broadband and TV but by using a comparison site now we can regularly check that we are getting the best broadband deals and have saved over £250 per year by doing this! You can search using your postcode so that it really caters to you personally add in TV channels, choose contract length and even phone line options to make sure it’s the right fit for your household. Last time I was looking there were additional deals for things like a £75 gift card, a free Google Home, plus free set up cost and it shows real time which are the best offers available at the time so that you make sure you’re getting the very best offer on that’s suitable for your household.

Pack A Flask/Picnic

Grabbing a quick Starbucks every day can add up to £100 per month – just on coffee! When it’s free to pack yourself a flask if out for the day or a reusable coffee mug on the train. Because I am out with the children a lot I always make sure I pack them a sandwich, drink and selection of snacks whenever we go out so that I don’t have to spend £15 on food they are likely to mostly not eat, especially important with the summer holidays coming up!

create a messy play station with diggers and mud

Set a Goal

Our goal is to buy a house. I have been desperate to own a house for so many years, and I feel so left behind that we are still not on the property ladder. But each time we have saved a deposit large enough to buy a property we have gone traveling – so this is not something I regret as we will always have those memories that have enriched our lives more than a house ever would, but our main goal now is to buy a family home now and having that on my vision board really helps keep me going when I feel like I might slip off the wagon as it were.

Finish Bottles!

I used to be terrible for replacing make up when I had barely used half of the current one, or buying shampoos or cleaning products when I still had plenty left of what I was using and then never finishing it! This is a really easy way of making sure I stick to my no buy as well as being good for the planet that I am using everything up 100% before it needs replacing.

Re-purpose things

I recently shared some budget friendly ways to update a garden on my YouTube channel and one of the items was this very old pirate ship that the children had stopped using. Together we turned it into a vegetable patch which the boys love and it’s given me the urge to re-purpose lots more things around the house!

repurpose old garden furniture to save money and upcycle toys like this pirates ship into a vegetable patch

Be Prepared!

Making sure I have everything I need when I am going out, whether that be packing a lunch up so I don’t have to get something out, or meal planning so we don’t have to pop to the shops every 2 days; preparation is key with doing a no buy year!

Use Cashback sites

I used Quidco for buying all of the family’s Christmas presents last year and I got cashback on all of them. There is no extra cost to using the service and you can sign up here with my referral link to get a £10 bonus for joining for both of us!

Get Amazon Prime

Ok, this is spending money to save money – being savvy with this can save you hundreds per month. Did you know how many benefits there are to Amazon Prime? I did a video on this recently because I had no idea there were so many benefits – check that out if you haven’t already!

So, there’s a few tips for how to save money when you’re a spendaholic, have you got any you’d add? If you like this sort of budgeting post then head on over to YouTube where there are tonnes more money saving videos.

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