Toddler tantrums.

So we all know toddler tantrums are weird, right? I mean, there’s just nothing like it.

We’ve just come out (barely alive) of a particularly horrific 8 days of tantrums and illness and suddenly my sweet, loving boy, who wants to cuddle and kiss me just because, has returned! Until the next round of course…

During this inexplicable week, Henry was an emotional wreck. I mean, off the scale. Genuinely I didn’t know if I was going to be greeted with a tearful, loving cuddle or the Hulk.


One morning, at the height of this nervous breakdown (him not me, although I was close) over the course around an hour, he gave me this short run down of all the things he “didn’t like/want” in his most cross voice;

  • The heating on.
  • The blue cup
  • The green cup
  • The white cup
  • All of the above again when given the red cup
  • Juice
  • Water
  • The light on
  • The new lounge (?!)
  • Me looking at him
  • Me yawning
  • Every conceivable breakfast option.
  • The cushion under him
  • The cushion taken away
  • The cushion near him

There’s a pattern right – yes, they are all bloody insane. But, that’s the point. Toddlers are walking, talking, crazy hot messes who are irrational, emotional & damn right difficult to be around sometimes. But they can also be the sweetest, most loving, caring & clever little humans on the planet. their immature brains are learning all the things we take for granted – social skills, emotional responses, rational, communication, emotional self regulation, empathy – the list goes on!

It makes me well up when I think of how fricken hard it must be for Henry in this crazy world where he is learning so much about himself, us, life…each & every day and how hard it must be sometimes. I really try to take a step back & not react when he throws himself on the floor in a rage or shouts in my face, anger flaring in his eyes like pools of lava, and just assure him that I am there for him, explain the emotions he’s feeling & try and see it from his perspective…easier said than done, WAY easier! Some days I’m the shouty Mum, and I hate that. Every evening I find myself doing that creepy Mum thing where I sneak in before bed just to watch him sleeping, to kiss his soft head and promise I won’t shout ever again. Until at breakfast at least, after he’s launched his cereal on the floor because it was in the wrong colour bowl.

Obvs. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the lady who was asked to leave John Lewis a while back – I’d love to know if the person who complained has ever had children – I mean, honestly, what is wrong with people?! A knowing nod is all a Mum wants to see when facing the wrath of an angry toddler – we’ve all been there, and if you haven’t, you know you’ve got it to come. That’s the joy of toddlers; the good the bad and the damn right embarrassing. I wouldn’t have mine any other way.



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