Top 10 US/UK Baby Translations.

Emma Jayne Jones from BabyInMyBackPack shares some insider information on handling the language barrier on a trip to America…

Some days it can feel hard enough just to leave the house with a baby, let alone travel anywhere. But your travelling days don’t need to be over. With a little bit of planning, a trip with your new addition can be the start of a brilliant adventure

Like Lara, I was a big traveller before I started a family (50 countries across 6 continents) and I want to keep on exploring the world. As my husband is American – and my baby boy a dual citizen – I have spent a lot of time in the States.

America: Baby Friendly

America is a great first destination as a family. It is safe, easy to navigate, has everything you need for your baby and they speak English. Well…kind of! You may think we all speak the same language until you try to find some common baby items. So here is a handy translation guide:

American – ​British

Diapers​ – Nappies
Pacifier/Binky – ​Dummy
Stroller​ – Pushchair
Baby carriage – ​Pram
Crib – ​Cot
Bassinet​ – Moses basket
Onesie – ​Babygro
Undershirt – ​Vest
Burp cloth​ – Muslin
Bottle nipple – ​Teat

The only downside to travelling to America can be the long flight but the thought of it is usually much worse than the reality.

On the plus side, you will be making new memories together as a family and getting your little one started on a lifetime of exploration. Just make sure they don’t pick up the accent!




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