Top Attractions for Family Travel in Canada

Family holidays in Canada are extremely popular, we’ve been there twice on both coasts and it was brilliant. After all, there is so much to do and so many places to explore for the entire family. There’s a wide range of options for fun and entertainment they can enjoy. There are parks, zoos and aquariums and a wide range of terrains such as prairies, beaches, and mountains. Needless to say, one can remain spoilt for choices when it comes to holidaying in Canada with your kids. You can choose to ice skate on mountain lakes, hunt for dinosaur fossils or enjoy unique wildlife sightings.

Deciding where to take your kids for a holiday in Canada and what attractions to focus on can be a daunting decision. But there are some great resources to make things easier for you, like Family Traveller, which shares some of the best experiences to try with your family in Canada and can help you find the best place to take your family to.

Banff lake with mountains in the background

Top Attractions for Family Travel in Canada

Visit the famous Niagara Falls

It is indeed spectacular to visit the famous waterfall. Watch the falls from the Queen Victoria Park or get on one of those viewing decks. Embark on an exciting journey along the curve of the Horseshoe Falls or take a ride on the Whirlpool Aero Car. The mammoth Niagara River tumbles down with a great force and creates a misty fog and the majestic Niagara Falls. It is a must to visit the top natural wonder of the world which has become a favorite holiday spot among families visiting Canada.

Niagra Falls

Great experiences in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is another favorite spot for families on holiday in Canada. You can enjoy water sports like kayaking and great outdoor experiences such as trekking or visiting the lighthouses. It is a good spot for a family motorhome holiday, and a new wonder awaits at every turn. Visit the Province House National Historic Site, which is seen as one of Canada’s iconic landmarks and learn about the history of Canada. There are countless inlets to discover, and one can create a host of food experiences when they have worked up an appetite.

Explore Cape Churchill Wildlife

Churchill, on Hudson Bay in Manitoba, is famous as the polar bear capital of the world and home to beluga whales.  You can make daily trips from town or stay at one of the mobile wilderness lodges to enjoy sightings of mothers and their cubs. Take pictures of the magnificent polar bears, and later you can spot beluga whales on a boat ride along the Churchill River. It is, a major attraction for the whole family.

Hiking and cycling in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant in Quebec is located amidst the Laurentian Mountains and boasts of some magnificent views. There is so much thrill and adventure that awaits the whole family here at the hiking, cycling, and golfing destination of the world. You can try bungee jumping or check out the Akropark where the kids can have great fun as they move from one platform to another. Let your children become little sailors and cruise in a miniature boat at the Captain’s Harbor. They can be an apprentice falconer if they love animals and birds. Enjoy some incredible views on a gondola ride, and the fun never ends here in Mont Tremblant for the whole family.

Mont Tremblant

A visit to Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park is a must-visit for every family. Take a walk on the beach with your family during low tide and look out for crabs, whelks, limpets, barnacles, rock crabs, and periwinkles. The park boasts of the highest waves in the world, and there are three campgrounds and more than 20 waterfalls. Plus, you can explore those numerous hiking and biking trails and go camping, hiking, or swimming. Families can enjoy bird watching, fishing, and mountain biking during the summer months. Visit the Historic Molly Kool Home to get a unique experience and enjoy some good food and music together. This is an excellent place for the family as it has plenty of indoor activities for the kids.

Swiss skiing village of Banff

Consider Banff if you wish to enjoy and experience a Swiss skiing village, we visited in March and the snow was still covering the mountain peaks yet it wasn’t too cold to enjoy it with a baby. Located in the centre of the Canadian Rockies, Banff lies very close to the first national park of the country, Banff National Park. Hundreds and thousands of families arrive here to look for opportunities for adventure. It is a great spot for families holidaying in Banff. They can take a walk together in the lush green meadows with colorful wildflowers. Feel the sense of wonder and excitement around the kids as they run and leap about among the mountains and nature.

Mother and baby in Banff, Canada

Toronto zoo for wildlife

Toronto zoo is the largest zoo in the country and houses about 5,000 animals belonging to 450 species. There are different regions within the zoo, and one can explore each region that showcases different animals. For example, the Indo-Malayan area is home to Sumatran orangutans, Indian rhinos, clouded leopards and Sumatran tigers. In African Savannah, you can spot river hippopotamuses, Grévy’s zebras, Masai giraffe, and lions. Eurasia Wilds area showcases giant pandas, red pandas, and snow leopards. It is a great experience for those who love nature and wildlife.

A trip to Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is indeed one of the wildest places within the country and is well famous for its panoramic views. Located in Alberta, it is in incredible experience to trek caverns of Maligne Canyon and marvel at those great views on the way. It is indeed a beacon for adventurers in a family. The park has been designated part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest park in the Canadian Rockies. There are millions of acres of land to explore, and you can spot caribou, wolverine, and moose.  What elevates the park’s possibilities are the majestic mountains, glaciers, and rivers. No matter the season, there are some fun-filled activities for the whole family in Jasper National Park.

Jasper National Park lake with mountains in the background

Fun at Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is the largest amusement park in the country and located north of Toronto. The family-friendly amusement park offers vacation packages to the park and is just perfect for thrill seeking family. Ensure a fun-filled trip with a visit to this fantastic park and take a ride on the Ferris wheels, coasters, carousal, or giant swings.  There is a children’s area for the little kids with rides and games perfect for them. Plus, there are many entertainment spots, shopping, and restaurants areas nearby where you can relax and take a break. The whole family can stay entertained for hours, and children would the wildest roller coasters they have ever seen.

things to do in Canada as a family, man jumping in front of a lake in Banff Canada

With so many attractions and adventures for the entire family – Canada is your go to destination with kids, have you ever been with your family? I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments.


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