Family visit to Disney World’s Toy Story Land, Florida

I must admit when we were first planning our trip to Disney World one of the places I was most looking forward to visiting was Toy Story Land. Designed around an absolute classic film that’s been around for over 20 years and happily is now is one of my own children’s favourite Disney films, it just never gets old! The new Land within Disney’s Hollywood Studios looked absolutely brilliant from what I had seen during my research into our 2018 holiday. I just knew it would be the perfect place to bring the movie to life for the boys and I was so pleased that our first trip to Disney coincided with the opening of colourful, family friendly Toy Story Land.

visiting toy story land as a family

When planning our itinerary, I had added Hollywood Studios in for our second day – having planned Magic Kingdom as our first day as a kind of right of passage. I knew it would have something for everyone in the family as Stuart would love to see the Star Wars attractions while I was drawn to the charm of Hollywood Boulevard theming, reminding me of our many travels around LA and California and of course Toy Story Land being the main reason.

As you may have read from my Disney planning posts we were Disney first timers, but it was great to be in the majority of the guests visiting who were all first timers to this new area too. The look of awe and the excitement on everybody’s faces was contagious as we got closer and closer to the entrance. The brightly coloured theming was obvious from when we first walked in, greeted by Woody we were lead through the opening where the magic unfolded. We shrunk down to the size of toy’s as we weaved through Andy’s backyard. Character’s were there to meet us, Buzz, Jessie, Woody…the boy’s delight was infectious as we all got swept away in the Disney magic.

visiting toy story land as a familyvisiting toy story land as a family

Walking further along the entrance I noticed the advanced theming of the area, “Andy’s” drawings decorated each area, with giant Mr Potato Heads and Etch A Sketch toys all around, nostalgic games and murals enhancing the decorative features. In fact one of the main takeaways from our trip to Disney World was the attention to detail everywhere, and Toy Story Land was no exception. It would be easy to miss a lot of the subtle references to the film, from the price tag on Rex’s box of $19.95 being that of the year the first film came out, to the quick service restaurant being designed around Andy’s lunch box that he got for his Birthday in the first film. Superfan, moi??

It was great that the majority of the attractions were designed for the whole family. Our youngest son is 3 and he was just ever so slightly too small for Slinky Dog Dash, the newest roller coaster in town. But other than that, the park seemed to have been designed for all ages which was great for us as a young family.

visiting toy story land as a familyvisiting toy story land as a familyvisiting toy story land as a family

Whilst walking around we caught sight of the Memory Maker photographers – these were one of our favourite things about the parks – dotted around everywhere (and at all the main photo opportunities) were professional photographers ready and waiting to take photos of us – all of us!! Being a blogger, I spend most of my time behind the camera, or having to ask passers by to take photos for us as a four. So, to have them there to capture our memories was a real highlight and through the magic of Disney (which I fully believe to be a real phenomenon having now been!) appeared via the app on our phones, even from on the rides, usually in a matter of minutes.

We had booked our first “Fast Pass” for Toy Story Midway Mania – a ride that featured before Toy Story Land had opened, but still a firm favourite amongst guests and it didn’t let us down. It was brilliant, and we played in teams for 2 against each other to get the best score. The boys really got into it and I wanted to go straight back on once we got off (not just so that I could try and beat Stuart’s score!!) The Fast Passes were brilliant, and they meant that we got an hour’s slot to turn up for the rides we wanted without having to queue. In fact, we didn’t really need to queue for any of the rides as the busy ones we had pre-booked Fast Passes (60 days out as we were staying onsite at Disney property) and the others were all pretty short queues of less than 20 minutes for the most part – one of the advantages of going late August! The good thing about Disney queuing is that most of the time the lines are interactive of have activities along them to keep little people occupied.

visiting toy story land as a familyvisiting toy story land as a familyvisiting toy story land as a family

The park was small enough to navigate and fit everything in, stopping midway for a refreshing drink at Woody’s Lunch Box quick service restaurant before walking on the Alien Swirling Saucers ride, another one for the whole family. We stopped to take a photo of the huge Buzz Lightyear statue when to our delight a marching parade of life size green army figures came past – it was fantastic, and they stopped to play some games with the crowd that had gathered following their arrival.

My Mum had kindly given the boys some dollars as a treat to buy something they wanted while on holiday and they both adamantly wanted a Woody and Buzz toy that we had seen in the gift shop, full to the brim with Toy Story merchandise and memorabilia – it was the perfect gift as it will remind us of this very special day each time they play with them – (which has been non stop since they got them, actually!!)

any's lunch box at toy story landany's lunch box at toy story landvisiting toy story land as a family

Everything was just superb, and it was a real highlight of our trip for the whole family, so much so that we went back on one of our last days to do it all over again!


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  1. September 29, 2018 / 9:28 pm

    Ahh looks amazing Lara!! Can’t wait to visit one day!!

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