Valentine’s Day – the least romantic day of the year?!?

There are so many stories around the history of Valentine’s Day. In fact it wasn’t even until the 11th century that it was recognised to have romantic connotations and then not until the 18th century that it had evolved into a time whereby lovers would exchange flowers or gifts. Fast forward a few hundred years and it’s just another ‘Hallmark Day’ where we’re all told to buy a card for our loved ones to show them that we love them…Or am I being totally cynical!?

Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving flowers, something I am lucky enough to have from Stuart relatively regularly (not too often that they lose their specialness – is that a word?! And not too infrequently that you ask “whaaaat have you done”) but not on a day where he is “expected” to and is pressured to buy from a selection of massively overpriced, corny red roses – which I can’t stand anyway!

I absolutely love to go out for dinner – but I certainly wouldn’t want to go out on Saturday the 14th Feb where you’re sat within feet of the next couple, and the next, all eating their set menus which are unlovingly prepared by chefs who would rather be with their own partners than catering for cover after cover of rushed through patrons.

And of course, it goes without saying I do love a good present! But not because of clever marketing campaigns or ideas splashed around the shops designed to give even the clueless of man a helping hand! (We’re talking perfume, chocolates, the dreaded cuddly toy)


 So last week I was all set to bring you a Valentine’s Day gift guide…until I realised actually I don’t even want a card or gift myself this year! I’m torn between being unsure if this makes me a total Scrooge or the perfect wife! Truth is Stuart will be more than happy not to go in for the usual typical V-day celebrations and we will save our baby sitting token, and money for that matter, for a meal we will actually enjoy and gift each other when we’re not expecting it, not when we’re forced into it on what could be one of the least romantic days of all the year!!Red roses


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