More Ways To Reduce Stress When You Work From Home.

I wrote recently about how to avoid burnout when you work for yourself but with the impending school holidays coming up I thought I would share a few more tips and ideas to help reduce stress when you work from home.

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Ways To Reduce Stress When You Work From Home.

Set Boundaries.

It’s so important to define the lines of work and rest so that you don’t over step them. It can be very easy to work all day every day, or attempt to, when you have such a passion for your work. But it really isn’t advantageous to work in this way as you aren’t working to your optimum so everything takes longer. You may not see it because you are so invested in the work you do when you work from home, but it will show in the results and your mental health if you aren’t setting boundaries to work by.

Take Time Offline For Blackout Periods.

Being busy all day long and trying to fit in a lot of computer-based activity can be very heavy for our brains. I am so aware now of how amazingly clever our brains are but that we need to treat them with respect and let them rest and recoup. It even helps with my creativity if I give myself a break like this and come back fighting the next morning. Try and have set times in the day or evening specially to have black out time off social media and a bright screen to give your brain time to relax and focus.

Get plenty of sleep.

This is probably an obvious one to help reduce stress, but one that I find difficult to commit to because I tend to be most productive in the evenings and I start working again once I’ve had my dinner and then don’t want to stop when it gets to bedtime. But it’s so important to make sure you’re giving your body rest so that it can regenerate and re-energise.

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I have a newfound love to getting out in the evenings once my husband is home and running or walking. I am doing the Couch To 5K which is brilliant, and also training for a hike to the Himalayas so it’s been a great push to do exercise, but it’s actually amazing to have half an hour to myself and to put on a Podcast and enjoy the relaxation of not having anything to do other than be outside. It’s a great time to get head space if I’ve been working during the day or if I need to start work for the evening – or both!

Holiday clubs.

If you’re like me you might be looking for free methods to avoid burnout, but sometimes you might need to enlist a 3rd party to help with childcare. This summer I think I am going to put the children into a kid’s club for a day a week so I can have one full day without distractions so I can bulk film/photograph as these are the tasks that are harder to slot into small pockets of time I find in the day. I saw a poster recently for an activity club run by Sainsbury’s which was only £7.50 per day which seems incredible value, so definitely shop around.

Make a list!

I do love a good list!! It gives me so much clarity over what I need to do. I give the tasks numbers of importance and I allow myself a break once each one is done so that I don’t try and do everything at once. Writing things down always makes me feel better and less stressed by the amount of things that need doing.

Surround yourself with positivity.

This is a generally life rule that I stick to, but it applies here too. Make sure you surround yourself with like-minded, positive people who raise you up and keep you feeling positive. Negative people can be a real drain for your mental health and in turn make you less productive and happy whilst working. I am also fascinated with the Law Of Attraction and manifesting money and luck into my life which is such a powerful force for positivity.

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I’d love to know if you have any additional ways for how to reduce stress that you can add, please get involved in the comments and share your tips.

Check out these videos if you want more ways to reduce stress and be more mindful.


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  1. August 2, 2019 / 2:16 am

    I’m not sure, but minimizing the caffeine intake also helps me somewhat to reduce my stress. I can relate to the fact that I get more lively in the evenings before bed, but it’s risky and hard to get rid of once it becomes a habit.
    Thanks for the great read!

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