What do you need for a newborn? Tried & Tested.

I took inspiration from a recent Mummy catch up talking about all of the early stages and products which we’d used along the way and I wanted to put a post together to go through a few of the things that I discovered and used in those first few months, because there are so many lists and articles on the internet which promise to be everything you will need and can’t be without. I wrote previously about the basics, but these are items you may never have heard of which I am sure could make life that little bit easier for new Mummies

newborn photoshoot with daddy

What do you need for a newborn? Tried & Tested.

1. Aquaint Water Spray; This stuff is a-mazing! Antibacterial spray…but with a difference! This 100% Natural spray can (if you were so inclined!) be sprayed directly into the mouth! You can spray your little ones hands (as well as your own) knowing it is gentle enough for their new skin, toys, teats, cutlery, highchairs…you name it! So no more licking dirt off of dummies before you allow them back in your babies mouths.

2. Baby Bjorn Carrier; We went with the Active carrier and I have mentioned it in a few of my posts already. I just love it. It took me a little while to be confident in using it with a teeny baby, but now I use it all the time. Doing the food shop, the vacuuming (Who am I trying to kid!) walks in the park; this little gem comes everywhere with us. Henry seems to get quite frustrated in his pram, I think because he can’t be nosey enough in it but he lasts ages in the carrier watching the world go by and flirting with all the ladies! Unfortunately for me, I can’t carry him for quite as long any more because he is just too heavy to be held on my front and his feet kick my knees! Around £80 online.

3. Buggy Clip; Seems silly, but you will be grateful for something like this for those many impromptu trips to the shops, town or beach. You can hold loads of your shopping, however always remember if you’ve loaded it up not to take the baby out before you’ve offloaded the bags as the pram will fall over and everything goes flying, not cool.

4. Pram organiser; I was given a Diono organiser by my  friend Nichola, and it is brilliant. It holds everything you might need in easy to grab reach, without weighing me down. It holds so much I still have dummies and a sun hat in mine, whoops!!

5. Nightlight and clock; I found this absolutely essential for those first few months…I spent ages clocking and timing when I was feeding and how long between each one!! Truth is, I can’t see anything without my lenses, so I had to find either my mobile phone or another brightly lit clock to blindly let me know what the time was, and how long he’d fed for. A normal large digital clock would work but this talking alarm clock one will double up for when you’re trying to teach little one when it is OK to get up in the morning.

Oh – and if you are thinking of breastfeeding, Lansinoh is a life/nipple saver!!

Have you discovered any products as a new parent which you would recommend?

newborn baby looking cute

I met with the lovely Lucie and gorgeous baby Harry last week, and another beautiful new Mummy Jodie who has just given birth to baby Lorenzo who was absolutely minuscule as well as adorable! As soon as we got there I stole a cuddle and I was gobsmacked at how teeny he was! Even though he was already bigger than Henry was at that age. I literally could not believe how tiny he was and how big my “baby” was now next to Harry and Lorenzo!!

It made me feel a little sad that my once newborn was now so big and happily crawling around nosing around in everything he could get into! But he is at such a wonderful stage at the moment, he is so content with playing and finding his way into everything he’s not meant to be getting at. He’s giving us so many happy times at the moment and we are getting so much back from him now. And I know there is so much more he will start to do soon which I am looking forward to, so don’t be sad if you’re feeling like your baby is no more! I am sure the best is yet to come!


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