When will my toddler give up the nap?

Are you wondering when will your toddler give up the nap?

Sorry to tell you but it would appear that the answer would be whenever they feel they want to throw a massive curveball into your life and go and mess up everything you’ve ever known! **strops** Henry decided that at 2 years and 5 months he no longer needed his nap and would hence forth give up the nap! Except he wasn’t really ready to do so and from about 4pm was, well you all know how that one goes.

Fast forward a few months and I have a totally different perspective which I wanted to share with you in case your toddler is beginning to show the signs of giving up the nap.


Yes, it’s not ideal AT ALL. But always look on the bright side of life and all that…so here are some positives which have come from it which will hopefully cushion the blow a little…If not, well there’s always gin.

  • No more having to cut your day in half to race back for the nap – mid play date, mid lunch etc – personally I think this is the best upside it always used to be so annoying on days out meeting up with friends.
  • No more MEGA tired/stroppy toddler because they are late for their nap.
  • Earlier nights/longer evenings as you can bring bedtime forward a little. (ideal if it coincides with the clocks changing!)
  • You’re no longer that mum who can’t meet at that time which suits everyone else because you have to work around the nap.
  • Unless you get out before the nap you tend not to manage to leave the house at all, especially in the winter when it’s dark by about half 3, leaving you all going stir crazy – now you’re free to come and go as you please! As long as it doesn’t involve doing the food shop with a toddler; I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more stressful than attempting shopping whilst having to chase a toddler (who now refuses to sit in the trolley/pram) around the supermarket (the faster you run, the faster they run!)
  • They are older now, so despite losing that golden hour in the day to get all your shit done the chances are they will be much more content spending some time doing an educational puzzle watching Peppa Pig, so really you can still have some time to get bits done around the house/have a shower/catch up on important work  Instagram stalk the Kardashian’s.


Most of our friends who’s toddlers are in childcare tend to continue their nap a lot longer I’ve found. And in fact Henry still naps at nursery (mugging me off much, Hen??) but that night he tends to take about 2 hours – yes 2 hours, just talking to his toys and reciting the Gruffalo before he falls asleep and is therefore worse off in the morning because he is knackered!

It certainly is the end of an era, a golden one at that…but DON’T FEAR IT!! You just gotta roll with these punches sister. God speed.


When did your toddler give up the nap?


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